3-D Memory Plaques
Use your memorabilia to make a lasting impression

3-D Memory Plaques are the perfect gift when you want to create a lasting memory.  We
design and fabricate all types of awards and plaques using sports memorabilia to capture
an athlete's special honor.  We feature awards for football, lacrosse, tennis, golf, track,
soccer and baseball.  Our plaques are made from natural woods and metal products and
ACTUAL sports items.  Have the pair of shoes your son wore to win the 40 yard dash?  
Rather than letting them sit in the closet, send one to us and we will create a memorable
lifetime plaque that preserves the moment.  

When an award is received, it's a great feeling. For both you and the recipient.  
Awards and plaques play a major role in recognizing events and occasions. Whether your
athlete or coach is being recognized for  personal or professional achievement,
outstanding performance, and generosity or for winning it all, a personalized sports plaque
says it all.  Looking for creative graduating senior or coaches gifts?  Together, we can come
up with the perfect award or plaque to honor the graduating students while, at the same
time,  taking into consideration your budget.

We can customize anything. Come to us with unique ideas and we'll make them a reality.

Design assistance available.  Give us a call at (440)835-5449
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place your order by phone,
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